About Us

For us, Fig & Sparrow is more than just a gift boutique. F&S began out of a heart to serve people all over the world, and above all, a passion for God.  We wanted to create something that reminded people that they are a true gift—beautifully designed and intricately woven. So the heart behind this business is not just to sell trendy merchandise, but for people to feel loved, valued, and seen. It's the same love that God shows us daily and there's no better way to practically share that love than through a great retail experience! 

Now you may be asking why the store is named Fig & Sparrow? Not only is the Fig a popular fruit grown in the south where we are from, but figs are actually inverted flowers —their blooms grow from within! What a beautiful reflection of how true beauty also grows from within, and we can reflect that on the outside! Secondly, the sparrow represents God's faithfulness and His love for us. In Luke 12 it tells us how Jesus cared even for the sparrows. If He cared about the little sparrows then how much more does He love and care for each and every one of us! No matter our mistakes and failures-His love runs deep and never fails. We pray that every person who walks through the store or purchases products online, would know the extravagant love the Father has for them. It is our JOY to represent Him through Fig and Sparrow and to serve our customers and community with excellence in everything we do!

Love you all,


The Mizell Family


Store Address: 13623 Hooper Rd. STE G, Baton Rouge, La 70818